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About us

RK CONTO was created in response to the demand for a different solution in books and accounts management of sole proprietorships and companies. The experience gained in the real sector and continuous training is applied to the needs of our clients and the approach to them. We actively monitor their changes and help in making important business decisions. Furthermore, we can assist in the development and standardization of business operations through an individualized approach for the estimation of the company status, and for the development of standards, procedures, job descriptions and similar for achieving the client's goals.

Given the digital age,it requires faster delivery of information, and accordingly, we digitize all the documentation so it is always available when it needed. Security is important to us so data is kept on several protected digital locations.


Our services


Bookkeeping and accounting

  • Management of financial records based on received documents for bookkeeping (sole proprietorships / companies)

    • Journal

    • General ledger

    • Accounts payable

    • Accounts receivable

    • Book of Receipts and Expenditures

    • Claim / Obligation on Records

  • Creation of fundamental financial statements

    • Balance

    • Profit and loss statement with all auxiliary forms

    • Notes to the financial statements

    • PD form (profit tax report)

  • Filing out the long-term assetsreport

  • Preparation of monthly or annual VAT calculations

  • Filling out tax reports with all required income tax / profit tax report submissions

  • Calculation of monthly salaries and preparation of submission of their forms

  • Calculation of author fees, art royalties, service contracts and preparation and submission of their forms

  • Registration of employees

  • Other according to the special needs and requirements of the entrepreneur

Business and financial consulting

Business and financial consulting

Do you need tips on how to fix or redirect your business? Changes can relate to individual segments of business or the whole, depending on your wishes and needs.

Want to improve your business and set up a new or refreshing the old company systematization? Want to introduce procedures and standards that ensure a consistent quality? These are often neglected tools that entrepreneurs take for granted. On the contrary, by setting a quality systematization with procedures and business standards, each employer eases his work and greatly reduces business risks thus enabling his / her employees to have good knowledge of the job and their obligations.

Our individualized approach to each client guarantees the best results. We have the most experience in the tourism sector, ie hospitality and hotel industry.

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